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Most phones come with a decent standard address book for managing your contacts. However, the aContacts app takes contact management to another level by providing a picture-oriented interface, separate call settings for each contact, and multiple ways to connect to your contacts. One of the nice features of this app is how it takes advantage of Android's multitasking ability and "pops up" other apps to fulfill your requests. aContacts is a versatile way to store your contacts and access them quickly.


Each of your contacts has a distinct personality, so that is precisely the way you should store them. If you have a mix of family, friends, and work contacts, why not group them or use similar ringtones for them so you know what type of call is coming in? aContacts provides plenty of customization control on each contact you store. You can even set call reminders so that you don't forget any scheduled calls.

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TAKE NOTE: aContacts provides a laundry list of fields that you can use to store information about your contacts—for example, their social networks, job information, physical residence, instant messenger IDs, and personalized ringtones. Another nice feature is the call log, where you can see when you last spoke to or missed a call from your contact. The call log can be sorted by time, by contact, or by how long ago the call occurred.

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If you are looking for an app that's similar to the standard Contacts that comes with Android-based phones, you can't go wrong with Phonebook. It is oriented more toward phone contacts than social networks, so if you simply want to add your friends to a phonebook dialer, this is an excellent choice. In fact, I found this app so useful and intuitive that I created a shortcut and put it on my main screen to use as my phone dialer. There may be other apps that do more, but this one is simple, clean, and keeps your personal phonebook right at your fingertips.


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ACTIVITY MONITOR: The Phonebook app will display how you tend to interact with each contact. If you usually communicate via text, an SMS icon will appear next to that contact. If you get more calls, a call icon will appear. If you tap the name of a contact, it will bring up the history of your interaction, including SMS message threads and incoming and outgoing phone calls with dates. While in the activity section, you can also clear all data by selecting Menu and then Clear all logs.

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