Best App for Chronicling Your Trips

Trip Journal

If you are going on a trip, use this app to keep a journal. The menus and selections are well laid out and self-explanatory, and the map and satellite views make it easy to spot your way-points. This app is full of features, including statistics (speed, time, altitude, etc.), photo journaling, writing notes, managing waypoints, tracking your route, and locking your screen so your journal does not get messed up. You can even reverse your tracks with one click, which is great for finding your way back home.

TRIPPIN' AWAY: Even if the free time on your journey consists of five-minute intervals, you can still create a memorable journal of your travels. Simply snap a photo, add a note, add it to your waypoint, and later export it to Google Earth. Each of these activities will be encoded with your current GPS location so you can get a true picture of where you are in the world. The menus have great navigation and are graphically appealing.

SHARE THE TRIP: One nice feature of Trip Journal is its export capability. You can export your journal to Picasa, Flickr, or Facebook, as well as to KMZ (for Google Earth). When you set up the app, you'll choose which email address you want exports to go to. Once you export to Google Earth (which requires only one click), you can open up all the activities that you recorded along the way; Google Earth will move you to each waypoint and provides statistics on time elapsed, distance traveled, speed, altitude, and latitude and longitude. You can choose whether to use metric or imperial measurements in the settings menu.

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