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Plink Art


Version: 1.1.3

If you like art, share it with the Plink Art app. You can search by using a photo of the work, or by artist name or title. You can also peruse random artwork, view a timeline of art, or check out curated galleries. The attractive interface makes it easy to share, get more information, navigate to Wikipedia for more details, or discuss and make comments on the work. If you want to purchase a poster of the work, one click takes you to

USE EXISTING PHOTOS: Searching for art by using a photo or web image works extremely well. For example, I took a picture of one of the cards from the National Gallery of Art's Close Up Card Game. Within 10 seconds, Plink Art had identified the work and returned the results to my phone. From there, I could easily share it, discuss it, explore different facets of it, or purchase a poster of it.

ART HISTORY LIVE: Exploring the timeline helps bring to life the major art movements of the past. It's a great way to study for your midterm, prepare yourself for a date at the art gallery, or just simply for the joy of learning about art. If you want to explore more, just click Explore and related works by artist, museum, and genre will appear quickly. There are lots of reasons to love this app!

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