Best App for Accessing File Servers

EStrongs File Explorer

Free Version: EStrongs Inc.

This is a powerful file explorer and manager that in my opinion is superior to most paid apps. It includes all the operations you need for file management, such as Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete, Rename, Select All, and Properties. It works directly with your operating system, letting you access your apps and kill, run, uninstall, back up, and even connect to LANs and FTP servers. You can hide any sensitive files that need protecting, and do file operations like editing text and zipping or unzipping files. You can even play audio and video locally or remotely.

POWER GALORE: If there's one word that describes this app, it's "Wow." If you have files on your work server, you can likely access them via the LAN tab by setting up and remembering a connection to a LAN server. This allows you to quickly authenticate and connect to your documents when they are stored on a server. Powerful stuff.

ALL IN ONE: This is the only app you need to manage files, directories, apps, services, and connections. From the Task Manager, you can click on the Applications tab and kill any apps that don't need to be running. Be careful, though, as some critical apps run in the background and take very few resources to do their job.

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Best App for Local File Browsing



Version: 1.3 Lysesoft

When you need to quickly find a file on your device, this is a great app to have. You can explore the SD card or the device directories. You can also rename files, create directories, delete files, copy and paste files, and select your sort order. This allows you to browse your filesystems just as you would on your desktop computer. The AndExplorer app also provides Zip, Gzip, and Tar uncompressing capabilities for when someone sends you a packaged file or set of files.

DEVICE BROWSING: This app feels like Windows Explorer or the Finder on a Mac. It is easy to navigate by touching the item/folder you want to browse, or scrolling if you have a touch-ball on your device. There are options to Send, Refresh, Select all, Unselect all, and Clear Selection if you want to do mass activities like delete or copy.

custom choices: You can set up your explorer to sort by any combination of file-name+size+date. You can also set your font to be more than 100% of the size you see on screen—nice for aging eyes. In addition, you can set the default encoding to UTF-8 or default (recommended).


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AndE«plorer 1.1 from LYSESOFT ts a File Manager for Androtd devices. It allows browning files/folders, rename, delete, copy/paste, create folders and open files. It provides ZIP. GZIP and TAR uncompressing features.

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