Best 3D Arcade Game

Speed Forge 3D

Version: 1.2 Rat Square

Amazing 3D graphics make Speed Forge a truly standout app. It's another addictive game that will have you coming back for more. Note that it's not a game for a boring meeting, how-ever—it's hard to play this one inconspicuously. You maneuver your onscreen hovercraft through the race course by moving your phone around: turn your device to make a turn, tilt down to slow, and tilt up to accelerate. You'll find it dangerously easy to get sucked into this twisting and turning, action-packed game.

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REAL ARCADE FEEL: Speed Forge feels like a classic arcade game, and even includes vibrations as you scrape the walls of the course. Make fine turns by tilting your device one way or another. Check it out when you have some time to kill, and play a couple of rounds on the free version before you purchase the full version.


The free version gives you limited ability to customize the game, but the full version has lots of bells and whistles. You can configure how you feel and hear the game as you play it. Be warned, though, that the fancy graphics will drain your battery fast. You may want to plug in your device while you play.

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