Beam Reader


Version: 0.99.4 SLG Mobile, Inc.

This app lets you view and zoom in on your PDF documents. There is very little configuration or setup, and it's very intuitive to use—after all, you're just viewing a PDF. So if someone sends you a PDF or you came across one while browsing the Web on your device, this free tool will let you easily see what you want. You can even view the PDF as plain text if you open the menu and toggle Text View.

QUICK VIEW: Fire up this app and your PDF document is ready to view. When you have multipage PDF files, you can click on the menu key and launch a search by page number or keyword find. In this way you can save yourself the trouble of scrolling, which is very handy for longish PDFs. You also have the option to save the file to your SD card, which is useful when someone sends you an email with a PDF file attached.

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