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Version: 3.0.1 ZXing Team

This is a simple but powerful app. Just scan a barcode, and the Barcode Scanner app will fetch information about the product, including how to purchase the item. You can decode one-dimensional barcodes like the ones found on books, or QR Codes like you find on the Web and in print. You can use this app to access Google Book Search and navigate to the book content. This app also allows you to search other product codes.

bookworms take NOTE: Be sure that there's sufficient lighting when you make your scan. I also found that after you scan one product, you may need to exit the app and relaunch it before you scan a second product. Another limitation I found is that it is difficult to scan products on irregular surfaces, so I tend to restrict my usage of this app to books, where it excels.

QUICK SEARCH: Google Book Search also lets you quickly search inside the book. You'll be prompted for a string to find, and then you're off to the races. The Barcode Scanner allows you to navigate directly to a book on Google Book Search ( and find reviews, descriptions, and more. If you install this app, try it out on our QR Code index (page 226).

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