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If you are like most people, you have accounts on several social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Plaxo, Plurk, and others. In fact, you may already use to update your status on all of them from one place. You can do the same thing from your phone using the AnyPost app, which uses the APIs to update all your social networks with one post. You can also post pictures from this app, and include your GPS location in your posting.

EFFECTIVE TIME-SAVER: If you consistently update your social network sites, you will love this app. All you need is a account, and then you can use this app to post your message to all the accounts you've configured with The app has a very simple interface that lets you get your post out quickly.


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POST AWAY: AnyPost offers nine major networks that you can post to. You can highlight one or all of your networks, and you can have a map link sent with your post with a simple click in your settings. You can also limit the size of your photo attachments so your post uploads quickly.


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