Version: 1.4.1 Aloqa GmbH

Wherever you go, ALOQA lets you "Always Be a Local." In this app, you set the channels you want to follow and the app proactively pushes content your way based on your location. Use this app to find out what's available and what's going on nearby. The app also integrates map-level views of the pushed content, making it easy to find things even if you're a stranger in a strange land.

CHANNEL YOUR ACTIVITIES: There are more than 30 channels to subscribe to, bringing you content from a variety of major categories such as Auto, Fast Food, Coffee, Hospitals, Movies, Pizza, and others. You can also set your notification style for each channel: an alarm, a vibration, or just a number displayed. This is a handy app that can be tailored to your preferences in entertainment, food, and so on.

FIND YOUR CHANNEL: One nice feature lets you go directly from content that is pushed to you through a channel to driving directions to the event, activity, or establishment. Start with your current location and let ALOQA and your GPS find your destination with either normal, satellite, or traffic map modes. All the normal Google Maps features apply once you begin your journey to a local destination.

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