Using SMS and MMS in Your Application

Android provides full SMS functionality from within your applications through the SMSManager. Using the SMS Manager, you can replace the native SMS application to send text messages, react to incoming texts, or use SMS as a data transport layer.

At this time, the Android API does not include simple support for creating MMS messages from within your applications, though you can use the SEND and SEND_TO actions in Intents to send both SMS and MMS messages using a messaging application installed on the device.

This chapter will demonstrate how to use both the SMS Manager and Intents to send messages from within your applications.

SMS message delivery is not timely. Compared to using an IP or socket-based transport, using SMS to pass data messages between applications is slow, possibly expensive, and can suffer from high latency. As a result SMS is not really suitable for anything that requires real-time responsiveness.

That said, the widespread adoption and resiliency of SMS networks make it a particularly good tool for delivering content to non-Android users and reducing the dependency on third-party servers.

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