Using Adapters for Data Binding

To apply an Adapter to an AdapterView-derived class you call the View'setAdapter method, passing in an Adapter instance as shown in Listing 5-24.

LISTING 5-24: Creating and applying an Adapter Available for download on ArrayList<String> myStringArray = new ArrayList<String>(); ArrayAdapter<String> myAdapterlnstance;

int layoutID = android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1;

myAdapterInstance = new ArrayAdapter<String>(this, layoutID , myStringArray); myListView.setAdapter(myAdapterInstance);

This snippet shows the most simplistic case, in which the array being bound contains Strings and each List View item is represented by a single Text View.

The first of the following examples demonstrates how to bind an array of complex objects to a List View using a custom layout. The second shows how to use a Simple Cursor Adapter to bind a query result to a custom layout within a List View.

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