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Most of the applications you create in Android will fall into one of the following categories:

> Foreground An application that's useful only when it's in the foreground and is effectively suspended when it's not visible. Games and map mashups are common examples.

> Background An application with limited interaction that, apart from when being configured, spends most of its lifetime hidden. Examples include call screening applications and SMS auto-responders.

> Intermittent Expects some interactivity but does most of its work in the background. Often these applications will be set up and then run silently, notifying users when appropriate. A common example would be a media player.

> Widget Some applications are represented only as a home-screen widget.

Complex applications are difficult to pigeonhole into a single category and usually include elements of each of these types. When creating your application you need to consider how it's likely to be used and then design it accordingly. Let's look more closely at some of the design considerations for each application type.

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