Supported Android Sensors

The following is a list of the sensor-types currently available; note that the hardware on the host device determines which of these sensors are actually available to your application.

> Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER A three-axis accelerometer sensor that returns the current acceleration along three axes in m/s2. The accelerometer is explored in greater detail later in this chapter.

> Sensor.TYPE_GYROSCOPE A gyroscopic sensor that returns the current device orientation on three axes in degrees.

> Sensor.TYPE_LIGHT An ambient light sensor that returns a single value describing the ambient illumination in lux. A light sensor is commonly used to dynamically control the screen brightness.

> Sensor.TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD A magnetic field sensor that finds the current magnetic field in microteslas along three axes.

> Sensor.TYPE_ORIENTATION An orientation sensor that returns the device orientation on three axes in degrees. The orientation sensor is explored in greater detail later in this chapter.

> Sensor.TYPE_PRESSURE A pressure sensor that returns a single value, the current pressure exerted on the device in kilopascals.

> Sensor.TYPE_PROXIMITY A proximity sensor that indicates the distance between the device and the target object in meters. How a target object is selected, and the distances supported, will depend on the hardware implementation of the proximity detector. A typical use for the proximity sensor is to detect when the device is being held up against the user's ear and to automatically adjust screen brightness or initiate a voice command.

Using Sensors and the Sensor Manager I 459

> Sensor.TYPE_TEMPERATURE A thermometer that returns temperature in degrees Celsius. The temperature returned may be the ambient room temperature, device battery temperature, or remote sensor temperature, depending on the hardware implementation.

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