This chapter showed you how to download and install the Android SDK, create a development environment using Eclipse on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux platforms, and create run and debug configurations for your projects. You learned how to install and use the ADT plug-in to simplify the creation of new projects and streamline your development cycle.

You were introduced to some of the design considerations involved in developing mobile applications, particularly the importance of optimizing for speed and efficiency when increasing battery life and shrinking sizes are higher priorities than increasing processor power.

As with any mobile development, there are considerations involved in designing for small screens and potentially slow, costly, and unreliable mobile data connections.

After creating an Android to-do list application, you were introduced to Android virtual devices and the emulator, as well as the developer tools you'll use to test and debug your applications.

Specifically, in this chapter you:

> Downloaded and installed the Android SDK

> Set up a development environment in Eclipse and downloaded and installed the ADT plug-in

> Created your first application and learned how it works

> Set up run and debug launch configurations for your projects

> Learned about the different types of Android applications

> Were introduced to some mobile-device design considerations and learned some specific Android design practices

> Created a to-do list application

> Were introduced to Android Virtual Devices, the emulator, and the developer tools

The next chapter focuses on Activities and application design. You'll see how to define application settings using the Android manifest and how to externalize your UI layouts and application resources. You'll also find out more about the Android application life cycle and Android application states.

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Mobile Apps Made Easy

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