Retrieving Shared Preferences

Accessing Shared Preferences, like editing and saving them, is done using the getSharedPreferences method. Pass in the name of the Shared Preference you want to access, and use the type-safe get<type> methods to extract saved values.

Each getter takes a key and a default value (used when no value has yet been saved for that key), as shown in the Listing 6-2.

LISTING 6-2: Retreiving saved Shared Preferences

Available for download on public static String MY_PREFS = "MY_PREFS";

public void loadPreferences() { // Get the stored preferences int mode = Activity.MODE_PRIVATE;

SharedPreferences mySharedPreferences = getSharedPreferences(MY_PREFS, mode)

// Retrieve the saved values.

boolean isTrue = mySharedPreferences.getBoolean("isTrue", false); float lastFloat = mySharedPreferences.getFloat("lastFloat", 0f); int wholeNumber = mySharedPreferences.getInt("wholeNumber", 1); long aNumber = mySharedPreferences.getLong("aNumber", 0);

String stringPreference = mySharedPreferences.getString("textEntryValue", "");

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