Resource Qualifiers for Screen Size and Pixel Density

In Chapter 3 you were introduced to the Android resource framework. Using this framework you can create a parallel directory structure to store external resources for different host hardware configurations.

This section summarizes the folder-name qualifiers you can use to include alternative resources for different screen sizes, pixel densities, and aspect ratios.

> Screen size The size of the screen relative to a "standard" smartphone (such as the G1 or Droid).

> small A screen smaller than the standard 3.2"

> medium Typical smartphone screen size

> large A screen significantly larger than that of a typical smartphone, such as the screen of a tablet or netbook

> Pixel density Refers to the density of pixels on the display. Typically measured in dots per inch (dpi), this is calculated as a function of the physical screen size and resolution.

> ldpi Used to store low-density resources for screens with pixel density in the range of 100 to 140dpi

> mdpi Used for medium-density screens with 140 to 180dpi

> hdpi Used for high-density screens featuring 190 to 250dpi

> nodpi Used for resources that must not be scaled regardless of the host screen's density

> Aspect ratio The screen's aspect ratio is the ratio of its height to its width.

> long Used for screens that are significantly wider in landscape mode than those of standard smartphones (such as the G1)

> notlong Used for screens with a typical smartphone aspect ratio

Each of these qualifiers is independent and can be used independently, or in combination with each other, as shown in Listing 4-24.

Note that these qualifiers can also be used with the other resource folder qualifiers described in Chapter 3.

LISTING 4-24: Sample screen-based resource directory qualifiers

Available for download on res/layout-small-long/ // Layouts for small, long screens, res/layout-large/ // Layouts for large screens, res/drawable-hdpi/ // Drawables for high density screens.

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