Pinning Views to the Map and Map Positions

You can pin any View-derived object to a Map View (including layouts and other View Groups), attaching it to either a screen position or a geographical map location.

In the latter case, the View will move to follow its pinned position on the map, effectively acting as an interactive map marker. As a more resource-intensive solution, this is usually reserved for supplying the detail ''balloons'' often displayed on mashups owipr further detail when a marker is clicked.

You implement both pinning mechanisms by calling addView on the MapView, usually from the onCreate or onRestore methods within the MapActivity containing it. Pass in the View you want to pin and the layout parameters to use.

The MapView.LayoutParams parameters you pass in to addView determine how, and where, the View is added to the map.

To add a new View to the map relative to the screen, specify a new MapView.LayoutParams, including arguments that set the height and width of the View, the x/y screen coordinates to pin to, and the alignment to use for positioning, as shown in Listing 8-14.

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