Monitoring Network Details

The Connectivity Manager provides a high-level view of the available network connections. Using the getActiveNetworkInfo or getNetworkInfo methods, as shown in Listing 13-14, returns NetworkInfo objects that include details on the currently active network or on an inactive network of the type specified.

Use the returned NetworkInfo details to find the connection status, network type, and detailed state information of the returned network.

STING 13-14: Accessing network information

// Get the active network information.

NetworkInfo activeNetwork = connectivity.getActiveNetworkInfo(); int networkType = networkInfo.getType(); switch (networkType) {

case (ConnectivityManager.TYPE_MOBILE) : break; case (ConnectivityManager.TYPE_WIFI) : break; default: break;

// Get the mobile network information. int network = ConnectivityManager.TYPE_MOBILE;

NetworkInfo mobileNetwork = connectivity.getNetworkInfo(network);

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Networklnfo.State state = mobileNetwork.getState();

Networklnfo.DetailedState detailedState = mobileNetwork.getDetailedState();

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