Monitoring Active Connection Details

Once an active network connection has been established, use the getConnectioninfo method on the Wi-Fi Manager to find information on the active connection's status. The returned Wifiinfo object includes the SSID, BSSID, Mac address, and IP address of the current access point, as well as the current link speed and signal strength.

Listing 13-17 queries the active Wi-Fi connection.

LISTING 13-17: Querying the active network connection Available for downloadon Wifiinfo info = wifi.getConnectionInfo(); if (info.getBSSID() != null) {

int strength = WifiManager.calculateSignalLevel(info.getRssi(), 5);

int speed = info.getLinkSpeed();

String units = WifiInfo.LINK_SPEED_UNITS;

String ssid = info.getSSID();

String cSummary = String.format("Connected to %s at %s%s. Strength %s/5"

ssid, speed, units, strength);

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