Live Folder Content Providers

Any Content Provider can provide the data displayed within a Live Folder. Live Folders use a standard set of column

> LiveFolders._ID A unique identifier used to indicate which item was selected if a user clicks the Live Folder list.

> LiveFolders.NAME The primary text, displayed in a large font. This is the only required column.

> LiveFolders.DESCRIPTION A longer descriptive field in a smaller font, displayed beneath the name column.

> LiveFolders.IMAGE An image displayed at the left of each item.

When displayed, a Live Folder will use these column names to extract data from your Content Provider for display.

Rather than renaming your Content Provider to suit the requirements of Live Folders, you should apply a projection that maps the required column names to columns used within your existing Content Provider, as shown in Listing 10-15.

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Chewy Trewhella


Mark Otway

Mark Otway


LISTING 10-15: Creating a projection to support a Live Folder

Available for download on final HashMap<String, new HashMap<String, liveFolderProjection.

liveFolderProjection liveFolderProjection liveFolderProjection

String> liveFolderProjection = String>(); put(LiveFolders._ID, KEY_ID + " AS " + LiveFolders._ID); put(LiveFolders.NAME,

KEY_NAME_COLUMN + " AS " + LiveFolders.NAME); put(LiveFolders.DESCRIPTION,


KEY_IMAGE_COLUMN + " AS " + LiveFolders.IMAGE);

SQLiteQueryBuilder qb = new SQLiteQueryBuilder(); qb.setTables(MY_TABLES);


Only the ID and name columns are required; the image and description columns can be used or left unmapped as required.

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