Introducing Sqlite

SQLite is a well regarded relational database management system (RDBMS). It is:

> Open-source

> Standards-compliant

> Lightweight

> Single-tier

It has been implemented as a compact C library that's included as part of the Android software stack.

By being implemented as a library, rather than running as a separate ongoing process, each SQLite database is an integrated part of the application that created it. This reduces external dependencies, minimizes latency, and simplifies transaction locking and synchronization.

SQLite has a reputation for being extremely reliable and is the database system of choice for many consumer electronic devices, including several MP3 players, the iPhone, and the iPod Touch.

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Lightweight and powerful, SQLite differs from many conventional database engines by loosely typing each column, meaning that column values are not required to conform to a single type. Instead, each value is typed individually for each row. As a result, type checking isn't necessary when assigning or extracting values from each column within a row.

For more comprehensive coverage of SQLite, including its particular strengths and limitations, check out the official site at

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