Introducing Map View and Map Activity

This section introduces several classes used to support Android maps:

> MapView is the Map View control.

> MapActivity is the base class you extend to create a new Activity that can include a Map

View. The MapActivity class handles the application life cycle and background service management required for displaying maps. As a result you can use Map Views only within

MapActivity-derived Activities.

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> Overlay is the class used to annotate your maps. Using Overlays, you can use a Canvas to draw onto any number of layers that are displayed on top of a Map View.

> MapController is used to control the map, enabling you to set the center location and zoom levels.

> MyLocationOverlay is a special Overlay that can be used to display the current position and orientation of the device.

> ItemizedOverlays and Overlayltems are used together to let you create a layer of map markers, displayed using Drawables and associated text.

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