Including Static Files As Resources

If your application requires external file resources, you can include them in your distribution package by placing them in the res/raw folder of your project hierarchy.

To access these read-only file resources, call the openRawResource method from your application's Resource object to receive an InputStream based on the specified file. Pass in the file name (without extension) as the variable name from the R.raw class, as shown in the following skeleton code:

Resources myResources = getResources();

InputStream myFile = myResources.openRawResource(R.raw.myfilename);

Adding raw files to your resources hierarchy is an excellent alternative for large, preexisting data sources (such as dictionaries) for which it's not desirable (or even possible) to convert them into Android databases.

Android's resource mechanism lets you specify alternative resource files for different languages, locations, and hardware configurations. You could, for example, create an application that loads a different dictionary resource based on the user's language settings.

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    How to include static files as external resources in android?
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