Externalizing Resources

No matter what your development environment, it's always good practice to keep non-code resources like images and string constants external to your code. Android supports the externalization of resources ranging from simple values such as strings and colors to more complex resources like images (Drawables), animations, and themes. Perhaps the most powerful externalizable resources are layouts.

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By externalizing resources you make them easier to maintain, update, and manage. This also lets you easily define alternative resource values to support different hardware and internationalization.

You'll see later in this section how Android dynamically selects resources from resource trees that contain different values for alternative hardware configurations, languages, and locations. This lets you create different resource values for specific languages, countries, screens, and keyboards. When an application starts, Android will automatically select the correct resource values without your having to write a line of code.

Among other things, this lets you change the layout based on the screen size and orientation and customize text prompts based on language and country.

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    What is externalisation in android?
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    What is externilising resources?
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    What is externalizing resources in android?
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