Developing For Mobile Devices

Android does a lot to simplify mobile-device software development, but it's still important to understand the reasons behind the conventions. There are several factors to account for when writing software for mobile and embedded devices, and when developing for Android in particular.

In this chapter you' 11 learn some of the techniques and best practices for ivriting efficient Android code. In later examples, efficiency is sometimes compromised for clarity and brevity when new Android concepts or functionality are introduced. In the best tradition of''Do as I say, not as I do,'' the examples you'll see are des to show the simplest (or easiest-to-understand) way of doing something, not necessarily the best way of doing it.

Mobile Apps Made Easy

Mobile Apps Made Easy

Quick start guide to skyrocket your offline and online business success with mobile apps. If you know anything about mobile devices, you’ve probably heard that famous phrase coined by one of the mobile device’s most prolific creators proclaiming that there’s an app for pretty much everything.

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