Be Efficient

Manufacturers of embedded devices, particularly mobile devices, generally value small size and long battery life over potential improvements in processor speed. For developers, that means losing the head start traditionally afforded thanks to Moore's law (the doubling of the number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit every two years). In desktop and server hardware this usually results directly in processor performance improvements; for mobile devices it instead means smaller, more power-efficient mobiles without significant improvement in processor power.

In practice, this means that you always need to optimize your code so that it runs quickly and respon-sively, assuming that hardware improvements over the lifetime of your software are unlikely to do you any favors.

Since code efficiency is a big topic in software engineering, I'm not going to try to capture it here. Later in this chapter you'll learn some Android-specific efficiency tips, but for now just note that efficiency is particularly important for resource-constrained environments like mobile devices.

Mobile Apps Made Easy

Mobile Apps Made Easy

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