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Wrox.com private Handler handler = new Handler();

// Initialize a handler on the main thread.

private void mainProcessing() {

Thread thread = new Thread(null, doBackgroundThreadProcessing,



private Runnable doBackgroundThreadProcessing = new Runnable() { public void run() {


// Method which does some processing in the background, private void backgroundThreadProcessing() { [ ... Time consuming operations ... ] handler.post(doUpdateGUI);

// Runnable that executes the update GUI method, private Runnable doUpdateGUI = new Runnable() { public void run() { updateGUI();

}; continues

LISTING 9-13 (continued)

private void updateGUI() {

The Handler class also lets you delay posts or execute them at a specific time, using the postDelayed and postAtTime methods respectively.

Displaying a Toast!

Displaying a Toast!



Toasts are transient Dialog boxes that remain visible for only a few seconds before fading out. Toasts don't steal focus and are non-modal, so they don't interrupt the active application.

Toasts are perfect for informing your users of events without forcing them to open an Activity or read a Notification. They provide an ideal mechanism for alerting users to events occurring in background Services without interrupting foreground applications.

The Toast class includes a static makeText method that creates a standard Toast display window. Pass the application Context, the text message to display, and the length of time to display it (length_short or length_long) in to the makeText method to construct a new Toast. Once a Toast has been created, display it by calling show, as shown in Listing 9-14.


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