Accessing Files in Content Providers

Content Providers represent files as fully qualified URIs rather than as raw file blobs. To insert a file into a Content Provider, or access a saved file, use the Content Resolvers openOutputStream or openInputStream methods respectively. The process for storing a file is shown in Listing 7-17.

LISTING 7-17: Adding files to Content Providers Available for download on // Insert a new row into your provider, returning its unique URI. Uri uri = getContentResolver().insert(MyProvider.CONTENT_URI, newValues);

// Open an output stream using the new row's URI.

OutputStream outStream = getContentResolver().openOutputStream(uri); // Compress your bitmap and save it into your provider. sourceBitmap.compress(Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG, 50, outStream);

catch (FileNotFoundException e) { }


Having created an application that features a list of earthquakes, you have an excellent opportunity to share this information with other applications.

By exposing this data through a Content Provider you make it possible for yourself, and others, to create new applications based on earthquake data without having to duplicate network traffic and the associated XML parsing.

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