Working with XML Files

The XML file format is well supported on the Android platform. Arbitrary XML files can be included as resources. These XML files are stored in the /res/xml directory. XML file resources are the preferred format for any structured data your application requires.

How you format your XML resource files is up to you. A variety of XML utilities (shown in Table 4.5) are available as part of the Android platform.

TABLE 4.5 XML Utility Packages


Description android.sax.*



org.w3c.dom org.xmlpull.*

Framework to write standard SAX handlers XML utilities, including the XMLPullParser Core SAX functionality (see SAX and limited DOM, Level 2 core support Interfaces for DOM, Level 2 core XmlPullParser and XMLSerializer interfaces (see

To access an XML file called /res/xml/default_values.xml programmatically, you could use the getXml() method, like this:

XmlResourceParser defaultDataConfig = getResources().getXml(R.xml.default_values);

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