Working with the Open Social Initiative

When you want to target more than one social networking site or reach as many end users as possible, you'll want to look into the OpenSocial APIs: OpenSocial uses common APIs (instead of site-specific ones) to integrate with many popular social applications and services including the following, which are in alphabetic order:

► friendster (still popular in Southeast Asia)

► hi5 (popular in Europe and Central and South America)

► Hyves (popular in the Netherlands)

► LinkedIn (business networking)

► MySpace (popular in the United States and worldwide)

► Netlog (popular in Europe and the Middle East)

► orkut (popular in South America and India)

► RenRen (formerly Xiaonei, popular with students in China)

► Yahoo! (popular in the United States and worldwide)

► XING (business networking, popular in Europe and China)

Each of these social networks has daily and monthly active users in the millions.

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