Working with Other Menu Types

The Android platform has two other types of useful menu mechanisms:

► Context menus—A context menu pops up when a user performs a long-click on any View object. This type of menu is often used in conjunction with ListView controls filled with similar items, such as songs in a playlist. The user can then long-click on a specific song to access a context menu with options such as Play, Delete, and Add to Playlist for that specific song.

► Options menus—An options menu pops up whenever a user clicks the Menu button on the handset. This type of menu is often used to help the user handle application settings and such.

Because we've been focusing on application screen navigation in this hour, let's consider where these different menus are appropriate in the Been There, Done That! application. This application design lends itself well to an options menu for the game screen, which would enable the user to pause while answering trivia questions to access the settings and help screens easily and then return to the game screen.

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