Who Should Read This Book

There's no reason anyone with an Android handset and a good idea for a mobile application couldn't put this book to use for fun and profit. Whether you're a programmer looking to break into mobile technology or an entrepreneur with a cool app idea, this book is for you.

We make very few assumptions about you as a reader of this book. You may have a basic understanding of the Java programming language (understanding classes, methods, basic inheritance, and so on), but Android makes a fantastic platform for learning Java as well. We have avoided using any fancy or confusing Java in this book, so if you're just getting started with programming, you should be able to read the first few chapters of any introductory Java book or do an online tutorial and have enough Java knowledge to make it through this book alive.

We do assume that you're somewhat comfortable installing applications on a computer (for example, Eclipse, the Java JDK, and the Android SDK) and tools and drivers (for USB access to a phone), and we assume that you can navigate your way around an Android handset well enough to launch applications and such. No wireless development experience is necessary.

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