Testing on the Emulator

A test team cannot be expected to set up testing environments on every carrier or in every country where users will use an application. There are times when using the Android emulator can reduce costs and improve testing coverage. The following are some of the benefits of using the emulator:

► Rapidly testing when a target handset is not available (or is in short supply).

► Simulating handsets when they are not yet available (for example, preproduc-tion phones).

► Testing difficult or dangerous scenarios that are not feasible or recommended on live handsets (such as tests that might somehow break a phone or invalidate a service agreement).

The emulator provides a useful but limited simulation of a generic Android device. By using AVD configuration options, you can customize an emulator to closely represent a target handset. However, an emulator does not rely on the same hardware—or software—implementation that will be found on an actual handset. An emulator simply pretends. The more hardware features an application relies on (for example, making calls, networking, LBS, the camera, Bluetooth), the more important it is to test on an actual device.

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