Testing on Target Handsets

Here is a mobile mantra that is worth repeating: Test early, test often, test on the actual device.

It's important to get target handsets in-hand as soon as you can. This cannot be said enough: Testing on the emulator is helpful, but testing on the handset is essential. In reality, it doesn't really matter if your application works on the emulator; users run the applications on handsets.

It's important to test application assumptions early and often, on the target handsets). This is called feasibility testing. It is disheartening to design and develop an application and then find that it doesn't work on the actual handset. Just because your application works on the emulator does not guarantee that it will work on the handset.

Testing on a target handset is the safest way to ensure that an application works correctly because you are running the application on the same hardware that your users are going to use. By mimicking the environment your users will use, you can ensure that your application works as expected in the real world.

While it can be convenient to test with the handset plugged in, this is not the way most users will use your application. They will generally use battery power only. Be sure to unplug the handset and test an application the way users will most likely encounter it.

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