Testing Network Applications on Hardware

As usual, the best way to test network-enabled applications is on the target Android device. There are a number of network-related settings on an Android device. You configure these settings through the Settings application on the device:

► Airplane Mode—This mode will block all network activity according to most in-flight regulations.

► Wi-Fi—There are a number of Wi-Fi settings for when wireless networks are available for use.

► Mobile Networks—There are several settings for handling data services when roaming.

You can also find a lot of information about the phone service by clicking on the Settings application from the application tray and choosing About Phone (or About device) and then Status from the menus. Here, you will find important phone service information, such as the following:

► Phone number (for example, 888-555-1212)

► Wireless network (for example, Verizon, T-Mobile)

► Network type (for example, CDMA EVDO rev. A, or EDGE)

► Service state (for example, In service)

► Roaming state (for example, Roaming or Not roaming)

► Mobile network state (for example, Connected)

You can cause a mobile device to lose its signal by placing it inside a cookie tin, refrigerator, microwave, or in any other shielded area. Doing so can be helpful for testing signal and network service loss. Just don't leave a handset in the cold too long, or you will drain the battery. And don't use the microwave with the phone inside (common sense for all!).

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