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1. True or False: Developers can create automated tests to exercise Android applications programmatically.

2. Which of the following should be considered an application defect or bug?

A. An application takes a long time to start up.

B. An application crashes when there is an incoming call.

C. German text is too long to display onscreen and overflows.

D. Buttons are too small or close together to push with a finger.

E. An application enters an infinite loop when certain criteria are reached.

F. All of the above.

3. True or False: Automated testing for Android applications can be performed only on the emulator.

4. The JUnit framework included with Android can be used for testing many things. Which of the following can it not do?

A. Run repeated tests all day long, without tiring

B. Test on old devices

C. Move the handset around the country to test GPS signals

D. Test behavior on multiple carriers/operators

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