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Q. What programming languages are supported for Android development?

A. Right now, Java is the only programming language fully supported for Android development. Other languages, such as C++, may be added in the future. Although applications must be Java, C and C++ can be used for certain routines that need higher performance by using the Android NDK. For more information about using the Android NDK, see sdk/ndk.

Q. Why would I want to create AVDs for Android 1.1 (or any older firmware) when newer versions of the Android SDK are available?

A. Although handset firmware may be updated over-the-air, not every Android device will support every future firmware version. Check the firmware available on each of your target handsets carefully before choosing which version your application will support and be tested on.

Q. The Android resource editors can be cumbersome for entering large amounts of data, such as many string resources. Is there any way around this?

A. Android project files, such as the Android manifest, layout files, and resource values (for example, /res/values/strings.xml), are stored in specially formatted XML files. You can edit these files manually by clicking on the XML tab of the resource editor. We will talk more about the XML formats in Hour 4

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