Providing Input to the Emulator

As a developer, you can provide input to the emulator in a number of ways:

► Use your computer mouse to click, scroll, and drag items (for example, side volume controls) onscreen as well as on the emulator skin.

► Use your computer keyboard to input text into controls.

► Use your mouse to simulate individual finger presses on the soft keyboard or physical emulator keyboard.

► Use a number of emulator keyboard commands to control specific emulator states.

Try out some of the methods of interacting with the emulator:

1. In Eclipse, launch the Droidl application you created in Hour 1, "Getting Started with Android."

2. While your application is running, press the control-F11 and control-F12 keys to toggle the emulator orientation. Note how your application redraws the simple screen in portrait and landscape modes.

3. Press Alt+Enter to enter full screen mode with the emulator. Then press Alt+Enter again to return to normal mode.

Many useful commands are available. For an exhaustive list, see the official emulator documentation that was installed with the Android SDK documentation and is also available online, at emulator.html.

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