Moving Tabs Around

Eclipse provides some pretty decent layouts with the default perspectives. However, not everyone works the same way and, with Android, a few perspectives have poor default layouts for us.

For instance, the Properties tab is usually found on the bottom. For code, this works fine because this tab is only a few lines high. But for layouts in Android, this doesn't work so well.

Luckily, in Eclipse this is easy to fix: Simply drag the tab by left-clicking and holding on the tab (the title) itself and dragging it to a new location, such as the vertical section on the right side of the Eclipse window. This provides the much-needed vertical space to see the dozens of properties often found there.

You can experiment to find a tab layout that works well for you. Each perspective has its own layout, too, and the perspectives can be task oriented. If you completely mess up a perspective, or just want a clean start, you can simply choose Window, Reset Perspective.

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