Managing Tasks

The top-left corner of the DDMS lists the emulators and handsets currently connected. You can select individual instances and inspect processes and threads. You can inspect threads by clicking on the device process you are interested in—for example, com.androidbook.droidl—and clicking the Update Threads button ('

), as shown in Figure 2.3. You can also prompt garbage collection on a process and then view

the heap updates by clicking the green cylinder button ( j§ ). Finally, you can stop a process by clicking the button that resembles a stop sign ( ^ )


Using DDMS to examine thread activity for the Droid1 application.

Debugging from the DDMS Perspective

Within the DDMS perspective, you can choose a specific process on an emulator or a handset and then click the little green bug (HiTI) to attach a debugger to that process. You need to have the source code in your Eclipse workspace for this to work properly. This works only in Eclipse, not in the standalone version of DDMS.

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