Launching Android Applications Using the Emulator

It's launch time, and your droid is ready to go! To launch the application, you can simply click the Debug button from within the Launch Configuration screen, or you can do it from the project by clicking the little green bug icon ( ^¡f- ) on the Eclipse toolbar. Then select DroidDebug Debug Configuration from the list.

The first time you try to select DroidDebug debug configuration from the little green bug drop-down, you have to navigate through the configuration manager. Future attempts will show this configuration for convenient use under the bug drop-down.


An Android emulator launching (Screen Locked view).

After you click the Debug button, the emulator screen will launch. This can take some time, so be patient. You may need to click the Menu button on the emulator when you come to the Screen Locked view (see Figure 1.6).


An Android emulator launching (Screen Locked view).

Now the Eclipse debugger is attached, and your application runs, as shown in Figure 1.7.


The Droid #1 Android application running in the emulator.

As you can see, the application is very simple. It displays a single TextView control, with a line of text. The application does nothing else.

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