Installing the Signed Application Package

Up until now, you've allowed Eclipse to handle the packaging and delivery of the application to handsets and emulators for debugging purposes. Now you have the application release version sitting on your hard drive, and you need to load it and test it.

Before installing the release version of your application on the emulator or handset, you should uninstall the debugging version completely. You can do this on the handset (or emulator) from the Home screen by clicking Menu, Settings, Application, Manage Applications, choosing the application from the list, clicking the Uninstall button, and verifying that you want to uninstall the application. Note that files or data in shared locations, such as images stored in the gallery, may be left behind. Private files and data, including preferences, will be removed, though.

The simplest way to manually install (or uninstall) an application package (.apk) file on a handset or the emulator is to use the adb command-line tool. The following is the command for installing a package using adb: adb install <path_to_apk>

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