Installing the Android SDK

You need to install the Android SDK to develop Android applications. The Android SDK includes the Android JAR file (Android application framework classes) as well as Android documentation, tools, and sample code.

The Android SDK is available from the Android Developer website, at http://developer. You need to agree to the Android license agreement prior to installing the developer package.

Newer versions of the Android SDK have a helpful installer. You simply download the compressed file, unzip it into the desired folder, and launch the setup. The compressed SDK files require about 25MB of hard drive space and uncompress to a size of approximately 40MB.

The Android tools and SDK versions are componentized. This means that instead of installing one large package for development for all supported versions of Android, you can pick and choose the Android SDK versions you want to install and work with using the Android SDK and AVD Manager. This tool allows developers to easily upgrade their development environment when a new version of Android comes out (which, historically, has happened quite frequently). In addition to various Android target versions to choose from, other tools and support can be downloaded, such as USB drivers for Windows.

You need to use the Android SDK and AVD Manager to install the tools.

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