Implementing the Favorite Place Dialog Layout

You need to create a new layout file where you can store the favorite place dialog layout. For this purpose, you add a new layout resource called /res/layout/fav_place_dialog.xml to the project.

This layout is pretty straightforward. All custom dialog controls are encapsulated within a vertically oriented LinearLayout control. First, you have a TextView control to display the label for choosing a favorite place. Next, you need to display the

EditText input control for the user to type the place name, next to a Button control to allow the user to launch the Map application. You can easily organize the EditText and the Button controls side-by-side, using RelativeLayout. Finally, you include two TextView controls: one to display the label for the GPS coordinates and one to show the actual GPS coordinate data (which is read-only in the Been There, Done That! application).

Figure 14.4 shows the layout for the Favorite Place picker dialog.


The favorite place dialog layout.

LinearLayout (Vertical Orientation)

TextView ("Favorite Place:")


EditText (Favorite Place Input)

(Launch Map)

TextView ("Coordinates:")

TextView ("Coordinates:")

TextView (Show GPS Coordinates)

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