How the Android Operating System Handles Locale


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Much like other operating systems, the Android platform has a system setting for locale. This setting has a default setting that can be modified by the mobile operator. For example, a German mobile operator might make the default locale Deutsch (Deutschland) for its shipping handsets. An American mobile operator would likely set the default locale to English (American) and also include an option for the locale Español (Estados Unidos)—thus supporting American English and Spanish of the Americas.

A user can change the system-wide setting for locale in the Settings application. The locale setting affects the behavior of applications installed on the handset.

To change the locale on a handset, perform the following steps:

1. From the Home screen, click the Menu button and choose Settings.

2. From the Settings menu, select the Language & Keyboard option.

3. Choose Select Locale and select a locale. The Android platform immediately changes the locale on the system. For example, if you choose Español, you see that many of the menus on the Android platform are now in Spanish.

Take care to remember these steps, as you will have to navigate back to the ▲ locale settings in the foreign language you chose.

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