Exploring the Prototype Installation

The Been There, Done That! application does very little so far, but you can use tools on the Android emulator to peek at all you've done so far:

► Application Manager—This is helpful for determining interesting information about an application. In the emulator, navigate to the home screen, click the Menu button and choose Settings, Applications, Manage Applications and then choose the Been There, Done That! item from the list of applications. Here you can see some basic information about the application, including storage and permissions used, as well as information about the cache and so on.

► Dev Tools—This tool helps you inspect the application in more detail. In the emulator, pull up the application drawer, launch the Dev Tools application, and choose Package Browser. Navigate to the package name com.androidbook. triviaquiz. This tool reads information out of the manifest and allows you to inspect the settings of each activity registered.

Of course, you can also begin to investigate the application by using the DDMS perspective of Eclipse. For example, you could check out the application directory for the com.androidbook.triviaquiz package on the Android file system. You could also step through the code of QuizSplashActivity.

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