Exploring the Different Types of Dialog Windows

There are a number of different Dialog window types available in the Android SDK, including the following:

► Dialog—The basic class for all Dialog types (see Figure 11.1a).

► AlertDialog—A dialog with one, two, or three Button controls (see Figure 11.1b).

► CharacterPickerDialog—A dialog for choosing an accented character associated with a base character (see Figure 11.1c).

► DatePickerDialog—A dialog with a DatePicker control (see Figure 11.1d).

► ProgressDialog—A dialog with a determinate or indeterminate ProgressBar control (see Figure 11.1e).

► TimePickerDialog—A dialog with a TimePicker control (see Figure 11.1f).


The different Dialog window types available in Android.

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If none of the existing Dialog window types is adequate, you can create custom Dialog windows that meet your specific layout requirements. We will discuss custom Dialog windows later in this hour.

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