Exploring Other Android Publishing Options

and making money. The only requirement for self-distribution is to have a place to host the application package file.

The downside of self-distribution is that the end user must configure his or her device to allow packages from unknown sources. This setting is found under the Application Settings section of the device Settings application, as shown in Figure 24.5.

Application settings

Application settings

Unknown sources

Allow t rota I of non-Market ImB


Quick launch set keyboard shortcuts to launch applications

Manage applications

Manage and remove Installed applications

Running services

View and control currently running services


Set options for application development


The Application Settings screen, showing the setting for downloading from unknown

After that, the user must enter the URL of the application package into the web browser on the handset and download the file (or click a link to it). Once the file is downloaded, the standard Android installation process occurs, during which the user needs to confirm the permissions and, optionally, confirm an update or replacement of an existing application if a version is already installed.

Not all devices include the option for enabling installation from unknown sources. For instance, the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet does not include this option, but (luckily) automatically has this functionality turned on so users can install applications from any source they choose. Keep in mind such device differences when providing instructions for users.

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