1. Use the hashed unique device ID and the URL http://tqs.mamlambo.com/get-player to perform a GET request to retrieve player info and load up the settings with the data from the server. Pass in just the playerId to get public data or pass in playerId and password to get all the data (this is what you'll need for a full recovery).

2. Add a new feature to the application to allow players to suggest for new trivia questions via SMS to the developer.

3. Add a new feature to the application that allows players to suggest new trivia questions—with images—by uploading them via multipart MIME POST to http://tqs.mamlambo.com/suggest, with a player identifier form field (playerId), question text form field (question), and question image form field (questionImage), with the image data done in the same way as for the avatar image used in this hour.

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