1. Modify the Scores of Friends tab of the scores screen to display each friend's avatar as well as each score. (Hint: The URL for each friend's avatar is included in the XML score data downloaded from the application server.)

2. Modify the scores screen to add another tab, showing the scores of players who have added this player as a friend (in other words, players who are watching this player's score). The application server has the appropriate query implemented. Use the same URL but add the variable followers and set it to the string true (for example,


3. Review the development API documentation of the third-party social networking service of your choice. Consider implementing a simple feature for the Been There, Done That! application which accesses that networking service in an interesting way. For example, you might post a tweet to the player's Twitter feed each time that player answers a quiz question in the affirmative (for example, "Player X has climbed Mount Everest!").

4. Add a feature to send a text message to the user's friend to challenge him or her to beat the user's score.

Using and Dealing with Twitter

Using and Dealing with Twitter

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